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Argos: Just Grow.

Argos (Agri Project) LTD is an agricultural technology company, with years of worldwide practical experience and record, which offers full kit agricultural complexes & tailor-made projects.

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Featured Products & Activities

Greenhouse Complexes

Advanced turnkey agricultural projects, custom-made to fit the client's needs

Post-Harvest Facilities

Packing houses, sorting houses & cooling rooms

Rural Development

Community-scale agricultural projects, contributing to regional development around the world

Full Kit Irrigation Systems

A wide selection of open field & greenhouse irrigation equipment

Latest News

NEW: Tunnel Greenhouses

A new and attractive tunnel greenhouses model now on offer!
All the benefits of an agricultural greenhouse are now available for the very cost-efficient price of a tunnel greenhouse.

Including an open […]

A new Agricultural Greenhouse project in North India

Argos (Agri Projects) LTD is proud to announce a new Agricultural Greenhouse project in North India, together with the Indian state government. The goal of the project is to create […]

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